Screenshot of ROES Retail Application

The ROES Retail system offers labs the ability to capture pro-sumer and consumer business via a set of simplified ROES Client interfaces - an application version, a browser-based version and a kiosk version for your storefront or use at a remote location. Don’t lose business to the retail giants offering basic, cheap prints. Leverage your professional capabilities, products, paper and processes in marketing to potential customers in your area with kiosks or nationally with the browser version. The ROES Kiosk Client can be set up at local businesses on an Internet-connected system to generate orders directly to your lab.

Just like ROES Pro, ROES Retail is a Java-based application that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It offers the user the ability to select a lab defined product and precisely define crops and rotations on their images within that product. The user simply chooses a folder of images and starts selecting from among your lab’s products in which to put them.

Unlike ROES Pro, ROES Retail does not give the lab the ability to add the ROES Add-On modules (Pager, Presenter, Packager, Records or Online Partners) onto their branded ROES client. But it does offer the simplest user interface with all the features of Base and Multinode products.

NEW Get Web Images Feature

ROES Retail also includes the ability to add and use our Get Web Images feature. Get Web Images (GWI) offers the ability to host images on the web and order them through the ROES Retail Client. GWI can benefit different key digital imaging market segments with the same core technology. For Example:

- If you are a Vertical Studio/Lab Business, GWI enables you to keep the images at your lab but also provide User Name and Passwords for your end customers to pull those stored images up inside of ROES Retail's simple interface for ordering. This workflow should enable you to become your own Online Ordering and Hosting company without the cost of building your own interface for your customers. But that’s not all - because it is ROES, while consumers are building that 6-up collage print, they can add images from their computer drives or camera as well, so an end user can combine studio images from a sports events from the web with pictures they took on their own.

- If you are an Online Image Gallery Company, you also can benefit from ROES Retail - by enabling ROES Retail to become your ‘Order Completion Step’ of your online image gallery website! You can utilize your existing website, workflow and technologies of establishing user accounts, maintain email databases, sharing images online and even selecting which of the shared images the user wants to order prints from. The selected images from your website can be fed directly into ROES Retail's thumbnail area when launched from your site, taking full advantage of all the advanced online WYSIWYG cropping, product creation, adding text and fonts features. ROES Retail also can handle all the credit card processing before the order is sent to the lab, utilizing your merchant information when using one of our integrated payment gateways.