Mac OS 10.5.7 Leopard Startup failure after OS X 10.5.7 Java update


UPDATE: On 9/3/09, Apple has released their Java Update 10.5.5, available via Software Update in OS X or this link:  This should be added after the update to OS X 10.5.8 has been run.  It fixes shortcut usage on Core Duo and PowerPC Apple systems.



On June 16, 2009 Apple deployed an update to OS X 10.5.7 for Java via Software Updates. This update, listed as Java Update 10.5.4, has performed some restructuring of the folder path to Java Web Start, and fails to retain the file in its' expected path of Applications - Utilities.  For existing ROES users, attempting to launch a ROES shortcut results in the icon bouncing on the dock and nothing else occurring.  For new users, in most cases the launch.jnlp file that begins the ROES install is displayed in a text editor since the system is unable to open it with the expected program.


To resolve these startup errors, open a Finder window on the system.  Select the local hard drive (usually listed as Macintosh HD) and then choose System, then Library, then CoreServices.  Once viewing the contents of CoreServices, scroll down and locate Java Web and copy it to the clipboard (right-click or CTRL click and choose Copy).  Now to put the file where expected, again in a Finder window choose Applications and Utilities.  Paste it into the Utilities folder (right-click or CTRL-click and choose Paste Item with the Utilties folder highlighted). 


To start ROES, open a web browser, go to the lab's web site and launch ROES from their link.  During the startup process, 2 warning windows will display - one to trust the application and another to allow it unrestricted access to the system. Click OK to both of these and ROES should open as normal. 




Core 2 Duo Systems: To get a new shortcut, open Java from the same Utilties folder and click the Network tab, then click View cache at the lower right to bring up the Java Cache Viewer. Use the menu or icon to create a desktop application or shortcut as desired. 


Core Duo and Non-Intel Mac: Shortcuts seem to be able to be created but WILL NOT EXECUTE (the next Apple Java release, listed as Apple Java Update 10.5.5, seems to resolve this and will be publicly available soon).  You must run from the lab's ROES link on their web site or from their ROES listed in the Java Cache Viewer, accessed from Finder in Applications - Utilities and open Java  In the Network tab, click View to open the Java applications list.






Updated 9/3/09